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My name is Antonia Caravello, which is pronounced completely the opposite of how you think it would be, so please call me Toni.


I work too hard, care too much, and I never miss a deadline or an opportunity to land a solid joke. 

I also secretly run a meme account. I'd tell you about it, but I'm trying to get a job. 


“Toni is a gem to work with. A bundle of ceaseless energy and enthusiasm. A true creative's creative who goes for the win while covering all the bases. She knows what she’s doing and what she wants to do, which is a great way to be. She is generous with her time and talents and brings delight (and coffee) wherever she goes.”  - Andy Hall, Creative Director

“Toni is the ideal creative partner. She’s talented, hilarious, and has a way of breaking down tensions and building up morale. Where others get hung up when issues arise, Toni’s immediate response is to find a creative solution to the problem. All she wants to do is make great work and help others do the same.” - Sam Snyder, Senior Art Director

“Toni is an incredibly talented writer, an absolute joy to have around, and an all-around annoyingly good person.” - Aaron Straka, Associate Creative Director

“Toni is a maker. She is a tinkerer and endlessly curious. She’s an anomaly as she knows every meta pop culture reference while still being able to quote literature. She is a true creative partner and is responsible for half of the work I’m proud of in my own book. She is quick. She is smart. She navigates clients with grace and breaks down doubt with her wit and charm. She knows when to be strategic and when to fight for those extra descriptors. Toni is a leader, a team player and loyal to those around her. You can count on her to level with you when you need it,and be a true friend when you need it most.” - Carly Neville, Art Director

“Toni is relentlessly positive and always dying to do the best stuff possible. Where others see an easy out, she sees endless possibilities. The hardest thing to get her to do is mail it in. Being creative isn't just a fun challenge for her, it's her life force.” - Tommy Crossen, Copywriter

“Toni creates beauty in words, both in the literary and the visual sense. She's a balance of writer and artist, which gives her the ability to create unique holistic concepts that hit home. Toni is wicked smart. Her intelligence to matches her incredible wit. She has the ability to turn insights into bite sized bits of comedy, and at the same time distill complex topics and into relatable stories. She is a truly nimble creative thinker, writer and artist. She is not only crafty, but also a master of her craft. As a CD, you dream of mentoring talent greater than your own. To see it grow and flourish is the most gratifying experience. I was lucky to have had that experience with Toni, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can't wait to see what she'll do next.” - Stephanie Franke, Creative Director

"Toni is like a creative powerhouse, she's great with clients and she pushes everyone to improve their work. She’s got a way of getting everyone on the same page and keeping things moving. She puts an insightful spin on everything, even the tiniest little details. She does the type of work that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” – And it’s because Toni did.” - Jackie Dempsey, Art Director

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Toni on a campaign this past year and, as a producer, she’s exactly the type of creative you want with you during the entire production and post production process. Her interest and understanding of directors, casting, on-set practices, and editorial proved to be crucial during our time together. Plus, she’s a great to travel with and able to read a room in such a way that she’s able to break down tensions or pull focus at the quick deliverance of a witty joke or friendly banter. Hire her because she’s talented and well-versed and she’ll instantly make your producer’s life better.” - Justin Casselle, Senior Producer

“Toni has they type of creativity that makes you jealous and inspired and truly happy. And it's not just in her work— it pours out of her, in every facet of her life. She can't help but be delightfully creative— to think bigger—with everything she does. Some coworkers may write a manifesto, but Toni writes a manifesto in song-form and performs it in front of your ECD with gusto. She's a wonder woman of creativity and brings a light to the office that so many agencies are missing. If you want bigger, funnier ideas for a pitch, or more engaging online social content, or you just want to turn the morale in your office way way up— hiring her will be the best decision you make this year.” - Sarah Latz, Director of Education at Chicago Portfolio School

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